Where to find good football tipsters?

When betting on a football game you go with your instinct, that gut feeling that tells you how the match is going to play out, right? Wrong. Football predictions are an art, that is born from years of analysing and dissecting
football games. Your gut feeling alone is just not going to cut it, especially if you are looking to make some profits of your football picks.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that you do your own research and learn a little more about the teams that are playing, the location where they are playing and the history and statistics that back a team up. This ensures that you are making informed and potentially profitable predictions. If you are like us and didn’t study football history in college and do not have the time to do all this research your best bet is to select a football tipster.

It is their job to know all the statistics, and as they have been at it for most of their lives, their expertise and knowledge will help you smile all the way to the bank. The key however is choosing well! The Tipster whose picks you decide to use for your predictions or bet need to know what they are talking about and need to have a proven record of success. So where does one go to find good football tipsters like footballtipster.org?
Where to find good football tipsters?
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